Our first album, Guitar and Voice, was recorded in Albuquerque, New Mexico; at Youngblood Productions Studios. This album features five original songs in Galician language, which we consider an important step in order to introduce our culture to the rest of the world. The format of this album, as the tittle indicates, is a duo work by the main members of the band, Laura Cruz and Ruben Cortiñas.

This format has allowed us not only to create a new view of Galician music, but also to establish some bases for our future works. 

Currently, the band is working in a second album which, like the first one, is being recorded at YBP studios in Albuquerque, NM. With this new album the band’s evolution through the incorporation of new members that bring new sounds and nuances can be appreciated.

About us


Da Terra Meiga is translated into English as “from the witches’ land.” Hailing from Galicia, which is in Northwestern Spain, Da Terra Meiga has arrived to the US bringing their original sounds. 

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Featuring Ruben Cortiñas Ares (Spain) on Guitar and Vocals an Laura Cruz Trigo (Cuba) on

Vocals, Da Terra Meiga blend Iberian rhythms and themes with Celtic sounds and Afro-Caribbean

​​beats. Upon their move to Albuquerque, NM the band added percussionist Kyle Molina, Rev Tsolwizar on Didgeridoo and Djembe with Brian Shonerd on Bass Guitar. 

In 2017 Da Terra Meiga released their first professional video for the song Vela Bela. Vela Bela features Celtic-Iberian ceremony and song that is performed during live on-stage performances. With the addition of Kyle, Brian and Rev the band has successfully added new elements to their sound. 

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